Not The Same Thing

Out for our usual Sunday morning breakfast at a local restaurant, I was listening to a conversation in the booth behind me when I almost choked and started dying from hysteria. I held it in, but it could have gone either way.

The person speaking was talking about The Carol Burnett Show and how he had discovered it. He was telling everyone about some of the class bits, including the one with Tim Conway, totally deadpan, talking about the Siamese elephants while everyone on the couch is trying to not fall off the couch laughing.

Our booth buddy was trying to remember who else was on the show with Tim and Carol when he said, “Oh, yeah, it was Roger Corman.”

I felt a LOT like Carol Burnett in that moment, trying very hard to not just lose it and go rolling around on the floor laughing. It wouldn’t have been polite.

Harvey, my friend, it’s Harvey. Harvey Korman. Not Roger Corman.

The two are not interchangeable. Although the thought does open up some intriguing possibilities…

{For the record – while there have been two, maybe three days in the past three-plus years when I haven’t posted here, all of them were caused by simple brain farts. Yesterday was the first day when there was a deliberate decision to skip a day. There was this power outage, then the computers were messed up, all with an 08:00 deadline this morning for a shit-ton of work that still had hours and hours to go before it was finished, and looking at the stack of work still there at about 23:00 and knowing that posting would mean I was up until 02:30 instead of 02:00 when I had to get up at 05:30… It was self-preservation.}

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