One Down, One To Go

The “small” audit is done, with the CAF auditors from Dallas on their way back to Texas.

I understand that it’s a part of the business, but I really hate audits. It’s the same thing with any kind of huge test, such as college finals, solo auditions when I played an instrument in high school, or my flight test for my private pilot’s license. It’s not that I don’t pass – typically I do very well. In fact, I can’t remember outright failing one in forever.

But audits in particular are procedures that put you on the spot, under a microscope, like an oral dissertation defense but one that can last days or weeks.

It’s the Spanish Inquisition, with fewer physical tortures and more mental ones.

So the two days defending (pretty well) my CAF accounting work are done, and tomorrow I dive right back into the “day job” year-end close and audit. With luck, they’ll be done by April 15th without needing an extension.

It might be a long eight weeks.

Good thing I’m stubborn, mule-headed, and too stupid to know when to quit!

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