No Context For You – April 6th

I’m not too terribly surprised that I somehow managed to take a picture of what looks very much like the asphalt that I was walking on.

What surprised me was that I apparently took a perfectly good panorama picture with my phone without any guidance or tracking. If you’ve taken a panorama picture with your iPhone (or your Android phone, I guess) you know that while it’s not rocket science, there is a bit of a trick to getting it right. It takes practice to keep the camera level, not tilt it back or forward, keep moving it on the little yellow line…

Yet somehow it seems I did a respectable job of that after pushing a button by accident, holding it down, and swinging the camera around while I was walking, without even knowing it was on.

Or it’s the poltergeist. Maybe it lives in my phone. Maybe it just hid in there to get out of the house for a while.

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