LA Superbloom

After five years of record drought in a part of the world where we don’t get all that much rain to begin with, it’s been an almost record year for rainfall.

Plants native to this part of the world have had a few hundred million years to adapt to this sort of thing. One of the mechanisms they use is the ability for the seeds to be very, very patient in the ground, waiting and waiting, year after year, for the right conditions.

Then they go flippin’ apeshit.

All over California this year we’re seeing a “superbloom” where trillions of wildflower seeds that have lain dormant for years or decades or longer have now all of a sudden woken up, felt the rains, and said, “THIS YEAR!!

From the air it can be spectacular. Up over the coastal mountains, central valley, Sierra Nevada range, and Northern California it’s everywhere, and even out in the desert where normally nothing grows but desperation. But even here in the big, dirty, overgrown city we’re seeing it.

About a half-mile from my office is what I’ve always heard referred to as Chalk Hill. It’s generally pretty brown, maybe getting a touch of green if we have a little bit of rain in the winter. Maybe.

In the last week, it’s turned bright yellow as the SuperBloom has hit our area.

Those of you in the area who are taking Claratin, Allegra, and Zyrtec like they are M&Ms – well, THERE‘s your problem!

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