Scalzi & Doctrow

If you have a favorite author and they’re doing a book tour, take the opportunity to go see them.

Tonight at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena we saw John Scalzi (center) with Cory Doctrow (right), hosted by Amber Benson (left).

The Long-Suffering Wife waiting to get her copy of Cory Doctrow’s new book, “Walkaway,” signed.

She got to spend a few minutes talking to him, while I waited to get my copy of Scalzi’s new “The Collapsing Empire” signed.

Go see your favorite author on tour. They rarely bite, are (mostly) housebroken, and it really, really does give them some good, positive feedback on their work after all of the hours, days, weeks, and months spent in isolation writing that favorite book that you just put away in two days.

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