Correlation Or Catastrophe?

Back at home after a long weekend at Baycon. Nice convention, good to get away. Unfortunately, had even worse nocturnal leg cramps than even the consistently BAD bouts I’ve been enduring for the last two or three weeks.

As part of my dietary regimen for other reasons I try to keep a food log, and this evening I was looking for anything that might jump out at me from the data. Is there possibly something I’m eating or when I’m eating it that’s making the leg cramps bad or worse some nights?

One possible suspect food which appeared was…


I brought this horrific and terrifying observation to The Long Suffering Wife. She thought it would be a good piece of information if confirmed, because then we could control things and I wouldn’t have leg cramps any more.

Am I the only one who sees how backwards this logic is?

If chocolate is somehow causing my leg cramps and leaving me awake and screaming and sleepless night after night, that does NOT mean that the problem is solved! It means that when I’m laying there awake and screaming every night I’ll know what’s causing it!

I mean, c’mon! Let’s stop the crazy talk here!

(P.S. – there almost certainly is not any actual correlation here. There isn’t, there isn’t, THERE ISN’T!!)


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3 responses to “Correlation Or Catastrophe?

  1. Are you taking any type of cholesterol lowering medication?

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      • Statin drugs are well know for causing nocturnal leg cramps. There is even a name for it….statin induced myopathy, or simply statin myopathy. Statins not only reduce cholesterol but also levels of vitamins D & E as well as Q10. Blood tests can determine if you have deficiencies in any of these areas and good quality supplements can help to eliminate deficiencies and muscle cramping. I have seen many people who have dropped the statins due to cramping, and concentrated on dietary changes to lower “bad” cholesterol and improve “good” cholesterol. Daily consumption of “real” oatmeal has lower cholesterol by 30+ points for several of my family members with no other dietary changes. And the cramps went away, as well as the need for the little blue pill for two males.

        Side note: Pfizer is the manufacturer of Lipitor, the #1 selling drug from its introduction in the mid 1990’s until about 5 years ago when the patent ran out as well as Viagra, which treats symptoms caused by Lipitor use….

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