No Context For You – June 19th

Lightning round!

A very quick search of the site (and I don’t have time at the moment for much more than a very quick search) does not find that I’ve ever used the phrase, “Make art!” This makes me think I have not yet related a best and favorite story of my college days.

Maybe tomorrow….

The punch line (spoiler alert!) was that I got some very valuable lessons that taught me how to look at problems and problem solving from a much different viewpoint. I had to learn to see things differently and allow myself to be creative.

With the deadlines I’m working under currently and very little time to spend on this site, it occurs to me tonight that what I’m doing is a bit of that only in a much shorter time frame. I only have a few minutes a night so if I don’t already have a thought or something I took pictures of to share, my brain says to my brain, “Five minutes to be creative and clever… GO!”

Somewhat stressful, but also curiously exhilarating. At least, it’s exhilarating as long as I have yet to get to 4:59 while sitting there slack jawed with a look of terror in my eyes.

Maybe tomorrow…

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