Lyrical Math (Does Not Compute)

That moment when a song you’ve listened to and enjoyed for decades all of a sudden has a big flaw, and your subconscious is just sitting there grinning at you like Eddie Haskell, tongue stuck out, “Neiner, neiner, neiner! Ruined that song for you!”

Take a look at the lyrics for Charlie Daniels’ “Uneasy Rider.” You know the song.

Follow along…

Verse six – “There wasn’t a soul in the place except for him and me

Verse nine – “some guy walked in

Verse eleven – “These 5 big dudes come strollin in / With one old drunk chick and some fella with green teeth

Verse thirteen – “there was three of them and only one of me

Time out!

Even if we don’t count the bartender and the drunk chick, that’s SEVEN other guys, not three!

I call shennigans!

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