Something Special In The Mail

[EDIT: This was written AND FREAKIN’ PUBLISHED last night at about 23:40! Now WordPress is asking if I want to publish or delete it. I swear, i pushed the “Publish” button and saw it go. I was wondering why no one had mentioned it… I’m telling you, I’m needing a much better class of hallucination.]

I knew this would probably be coming, because I subscribe to her Patreon account (worth every penny, I love her and her work and her music and her art and her TED talk and her book) but I had sort of forgotten in all of the hubbub. (Stupid freakin’ hubbub!) Then I started seeing other people saying they had gotten theirs and after a while I was wondering if I might have gotten missed or lost. But again, even in that I was so caught up in the 9 to 5 chaos (or in my case, the 7 to 24 chaos) that even that didn’t get through to me.

But I recognized that sigil. I tried very hard not to squeee in the post office. I buried it in with the bills, magazines, and junk mail and waited until I got home to double check.

Even without the return address label, the stamps would have given it away.

‘Tis a thing to be cherished. And I will!


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