Where Do The Good Ones Go?

No, I’m not referring to the heroines, heroes, and saints who walk among us. I hope and trust that they end up receiving the praise, adulation, and rewards that they so justly deserve, preferably non-posthumously (pre-humously?).

I refer to those fantastic turns of phrase, puns, quips, witticisms, one-liners, and bon mots that spring full born to the lips at the perfect moment – only to be completely forgotten later when it comes times to relate them to others.

The ones that have your conversational companions, from the depths of their stunned admiration of your eloquent and timely articulation, manage to gasp only, “How long have you been waiting to use that one?” But you know that it wasn’t pre-meditated or planned, it was every bit as spontaneous as it was glorious.

Then you want to relate it to someone who wasn’t there and… a total blank. You remember laughing yourself sick, you remember the awe, you remember how the pun was so bad that tar and feathers were mentioned, but you can’t remember the phrase or punchline to save your freaking life. And neither can the others who might have been there.

Oh, they’ll vouch for the fact that it happened! But what was the topic of conversation? What led up to it? Maybe we can reconstruct something, jog one of our memories, bring back that flash…

Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Did it really happen? Or was it a mass hallucination, a distortion in the space-time continuum where our reality brushed up against or into superposition with another timeline, leaving only a vivid but fading memory of the emotion, the feeling, but none of the details.

So where did that “good one” go? Is it still off there in that other dimension, that other plane of existence? Or was it created by the simultaneous contact of multiple branes of spacetime, existing for an instant in all of them before being left behind by each of them, breaking away into isolation, trapped for eternity in its own bubble of Nullpunktsenergie, remembered but not remembered simultaneously, leaving behind only the sound of Heisenberg laughing?


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