On The Edge Of A Summer Storm Cell

We don’t get a lot of these in La-La Land, but I try to enjoy them when we do.

I was trying to get home in time to close the windows on the van – the heavy rain started when I was about three blocks away. As it does.

After running around and getting damp, I went back in for one of the good cameras and an umbrella. (These shots are from the cell phone – the “best” camera is the one you have in your hand when you need to take the picture.)

It only rained hard for about ten minutes, then passed on to our west, part of a whole lot of tropical moisture wrapping itself counterclockwise around a low somewhere way to the south of us. That put “our” shower between us and the sun at sunset – we know what that means!

(Image: National Weather Service)

There was some thunder heard while I was out there, which makes sense given that bright red and orange and yellow spot over house at about that time.

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Filed under Photography, Weather

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