Home Again, Home Again

Long, long day, lots of (uneventful) travel. Up late, late last night packing and being CLOBBERED by some freakishly HUGE thunderstorms in the KC area. Up early, early this morning to get everyone off to the airport. Then home, unpacking, and trying to get a grip on where I’m at with all of that work and hangar stuff that I have to dive back into.

I’ve had just enough time to glance at the first of the photos from the DSLR with the big lens on it. Needless to say, compared to the stunning and gorgeous pictures that you can see online from a zillion people who had clear skies, mine don’t compare. On the other hand, pulling them up on the desktop, it’s surprising what I did manage to capture, even through the clouds. I’m seeing some of the corona, as well as some pink and reds from prominences around the limb. It’s blurry, but it’s there.

I think the best representation that I captured of what we saw will be in the videos, which I haven’t touched yet. I may have to start my own YouTube channel in order to upload the full resolution versions.

Meanwhile, it turns out that NASA had a pro film crew just a couple of miles away from where we were. This footage was shot by them in Beatrice, Nebraska. We were about five miles outside of Beatrice and this is pretty much what we saw with our eyes. They say they had 10,000 people there – we had maybe 200 to 250 at the gas station and country store where we made our stand. But the excitement and joy and noise from the crowd was the same, as was the movement of the clouds that you see in front of the eclipsed sun, preventing us from getting a super clear view, yet allowing us to see what we came to see and be awestruck by it.




Process video.

Still flashing back to the experience and still in awe.

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