How Do You Find Answers

…when you’re in such a whirlwind that you don’t even know what the questions are?

In some ways I envy those like Nuke Laloosh who are not cursed with self-awareness – as Annie noted, the world’s made for them.

For me it often feels like I’m drowning and begging for someone to throw a life preserver, while all I get are anchors.

I’m aware that I can swim, even if I can’t swim well, but it’s hard to swim away into the unknown.

But it might be necessary.

Drowning’s always struck me as a particularly shitty way to go – doing it for no damn good reason when you don’t have to can’t be any better.

In related news, there was apparently a wholesale subtext sale this weekend. I hadn’t planned on stocking up, but the deals were just too good to pass.

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One response to “How Do You Find Answers

  1. berich56

    The answer is….42!
    The older I get the more I envy the village idiot. He dosen’t know the world is a fubar.
    Keep smiling.

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