There’s A Monster By Our Front Door

Gram for gram, this guy falls into the “No shit, Sherlock!” category of monster. I was perfectly happy to outweigh him by three-plus orders of magnitude.

We have a bay window over the kitchen sink. I was washing a dish and saw this guy walking across the glass on top, thought it was a mouse or one of the local bats that might have gotten injured. Went out to investigate and found him hanging onto the stucco above my head by the porch light.

Beautiful beyond a doubt, but scale him up by a factor 100 and he would eat his neighbors in a heartbeat. Faster, meaner, and utterly ruthless.

I’m thinking the area around the light is the happy hunting ground for this guy with all of the moths and other bugs to serve as prey. Which in turn makes me wonder why I haven’t seen any of his species around there before.

Where did you come from, big guy? Looking for a long lost relative? Or are you just all growed up, with a tan?


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One response to “There’s A Monster By Our Front Door

  1. Ronnie

    It’s a real nature observatory at our house


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