There’s A Monster On Our Front Steps

I’ve seen this one a few times, but only for a second out of the corner of my eye as it skitters away into the bushes and dry leaves.

I’m clueless about if it’s a “he” or a “she” – “California Alligator Lizard” is all I know. Anyone have any knowledge that they would like to share?

OK, this is rotated – it really was hanging head down on the wall. But this picture looks much better like this for whatever reason. What I really noticed is the spots and speckles and coloration!

Being back in the shade on a bright, sunny day I couldn’t see any of this detail on its skin. It’s beautiful!

Not that I would necessarily want to hold one. They’re non-venomous and non-aggressive – but corner one or try to pick it up and it will clamp onto you with a vengeance! (Just ask Seanan McGuire, in a classic story that I think I’ve probably pointed you toward before at least once.)

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  1. Mia Kiraki

    Really nice!!

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