There Are Monsters On Our Front Steps

Two of them – I call these guys and their clan “The Klingers.” Not because they look like Jamie Farr or are trying to get a Section 8 discharge. But because they’re usually seen clinging to the front edge of these steps.

I have no idea why they hang here instead of resting on top in the sun.

This guy in particular is easily spooked. Get too close and he’ll be up and over the edge and into that bush in a flash.

This dude however is much more laid back, which is odd since he’s right next to the sidewalk. I would think that the passing kid or dog would be way too tempted to get a closer look that can lead to a violent misunderstanding.

When he does get spooked however, this guy’s got a different escape plan. He goes underneath the step and into a crack in the concrete that I had never even noticed before. It looks to me like he’s about twice as big as the crack, but I’m obviously no expert since he keeps going in and out of there no matter what I think about it.


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