Vengence Is Mine!

There was a windy day last week when I had just pulled into the driveway with Hissy. I had just stopped and was putting her into park, setting the parking brake, and WHAM! Right down on the hood fell this huge palm frond. Hissy now has her first dent. (It’s relatively minor, but still…)

This honkin’ huge date palm tree is sort of iconic for pictures of our house. Go look – god knows that I post enough of them here.

It’s also been probably ten, maybe twelve or more years since we had it really trimmed back. As you can see, there’s a fair amount of dead stuff hanging down.

The raccoons and squirrels and rats and opossums and birds all love it – all of those orange things up at the top are the dates. This monster puts out hundreds if not thousands of pounds of them a year.

But that’s no excuse to beat up on a poor, innocent little car that never did anything bad to you at all!

So you say you want to own a home in SoCal? Factor this into your maintenance bill. That’s a LOT of debris that came off of that tree! (They’ll be back tomorrow to pick it up and haul it off to be mulched and composted.)

It will also let us have a GREAT view of Saturn on Tuesday night when we set up the telescopes in the driveway for Halloween – if those clouds would be so kind as to leave town. (They’re actually expected to get heavier.)

So tonight I’m sore (did a LOT more physical work than I intended for today, but a lot of the debris was left out on the sidewalk and in the neighbor’s yard and I had to clean it up), the raccoons and rats and opossums and birds and squirrels are pissed off, and Hissy is parked out on the street, smirking.

She knows who’s my favorite.

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One response to “Vengence Is Mine!

  1. Well done. Just don’t complain when all the critters large and small that you’ve just made homeless come a-roosting in your roof space!

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