East & West

The weather in Southern California has once again turned – for the moment. After a week of triple-digit temperatures, we’re headed back down into the 70’s, with the coastal areas even cooler.

This morning this translated to fog along the coast as a heavy marine layer moved in. Driving out to the CAF hangar in Camarillo it was bright and sunny through the San Fernando Valley and the Thousand Oaks area. But going over the edge of the Canejo Grade down into Camarillo it was like being in a plane, descending into an ocean of clouds.

When I left tonight, the difference between the view to the east and to the west was indicating that tonight would be more of the same.

To the east it was still sunny, the airport water tower brightly lit with a quarter moon high above.

To the west, just off the coast and moving in quickly, was the fog bank.

Sort of like life these days. Bright and sunny? Dank and gloomy? Caught between them? If you’re stuck with one, wait it out, the other will come.

Are there fewer monsters in the light than in the fog? Or do we just see them differently? Or ignore them?

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