Annual Report On The House Plant

I knew I had talked before about this particular house plant that I keep trying to kill. In researching just when, it seems that it comes up in early November usually. Go figure.

The last couple of years have been tough on this particular plant. While occasionally it would look pretty much healthy-ish and only slightly neglected and abused, there were times in the last year when it was down to its last, single leaf.

Yet somehow, miraculously, it has rebounded.

And that’s how an “I’m-freaking-exhausted-what-can-I-slap-up-on-the-site-in-less-than-five-minutes-oh-let’s-put-up-those-pictures-of-that-plant-that’s-too-stupid-to-die-it-won’t-even-take-five-minutes-and-then-I-can-crash-and-go-to-bed” post turned into over an hour.

Welcome to having your own website and being a little bit OCD about posting every day!

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Filed under Castle Willett, Photography

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