CSI: Sidewalk

First we trimmed the crap out of the palm tree where all of the rats lived and fed.

Then, not surprisingly, a couple of days later I saw a couple of displaced rats in the yard, darting in & out of the bushes and feeding off some of the debris from the pruning.

Something else must have seen them.

I don’t know if it’s one of the neighborhood cats that found this guy (I suspect not – the house cats would take it home as a “gift” for their humans),

and a coyote or hawk or owl would have eaten it, not left it on the sidewalk,

or one of the dogs that people walk all over the neighborhood. I can see someone with a terrier walking along peacefully when the little yapper spooked this guy and took off across the yard, with the owner yelling, “PUT THAT DOWN!” and walking away as fast as possible after the kill. (If that’s the scenario, I want to let the little yapper know that there’s a bounty on these little bastards. I can be VERY generous with the treats!)

My fantasy scenario involves one of the lizards, outweighed 100 to 1, kicking some rat ass only to find that the carcass is too big to drag back to the lizard household. I want that to be true. Even if it does make me feel guilty about getting out the shovel and dumping this guy in the trash.

Our lizards are bad ass! (At least, in my head.)

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