That Moment, November 18th Version

…when you find that your current existence has been captured in a stranger’s tweet:

I’ve heard it said that identifying and naming the problem is half the problem.

Good! We’re halfway there?

Pity I’m so short on ideas about how to work on the second half.

But after that this week, and that other thing last week, and THAT the week before that, and all those other things in October, if I can just make it through Monday and Tuesday to the five-day weekend…

It’s not clear if going from “if I can just make it through this week” to “if I can just make it through two days” is progress or regression.


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2 responses to “That Moment, November 18th Version

  1. I took a day off on Friday. All I did was go into the city, collect new glasses, see an exhibition, have a meal out…. and come home in time to watch ski-jumping on tv.
    I feel so refreshed!

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