Thank You, Alabama

While I’ve only spent an hour or so within your borders, I’ll be back to thank you when time permits. I won’t forget. When we stood as a nation on the edge of the abyss, like Frodo with all ten hairy toes wiggling in open space, the people of Alabama had what it took to simply say “NO!” to those trying to shove raw evil down our throat.

Thank you.


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2 responses to “Thank You, Alabama

  1. I agree, we have to thank those voters who saw fit to rain common sense down on their state. It means there is still hope for our country as a whole. However, almost half of the state’s voters (who bothered to show up) embraced the ideals of a twisted mindset, and that is a sad fact indeed.

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    • We also have to keep in mind the level of voter suppression and intimidation in lower income & minority precincts. It’s great the good guys won despite that, but think what it would have been like on a level playing field


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