That Moment, December 13th Version

…when you wonder WHAT FREAKIN’ PLANET do you have to come from when a Hummer is considered a “compact” car?

…when you wonder if you paid enough attention in that one yoga class a few years back to be able to actually have the skill needed to bend and twist and suck your gut in and contort enough to get in through the driver’s door – or should you just say “fuck it!” and climb in the passenger side, hoping not to disembowel yourself on the gear shift climbing over into the driver’s seat? (Good thing I had all of that practice back in high school, if you know what I mean… I know I was paying attention then!)

…when you get home after a long day topped with the above, only to realize on the first bite that you topped your enchilada with cranberry sauce instead of chunky salsa.

My taste buds were surprised!

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Filed under Castle Willett, Photography

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