Your Theme Music

While watching one of “those” TV movies tonight, I commented that the soon-to-be love interest (who was busy describing to our heroine how he wasn’t really a stalker or a cad) must be a great guy because he had soft clarinet music as his theme music. I then opined that I probably didn’t have soft clarinet theme music in my invisible soundtrack. I was told that I probably had music from that instrument I played in band in high school.

Good point. I wouldn’t mind having a nice French horn theme following me around.

But what would it sound like?

At first I was thinking the “Overture from ‘Tommy‘” by The Who, one of the first and most exciting French horn solos I remember ever hearing.

After a bit more thought, I think it needs to be Luke Skywalker’s Theme by John Williams. (BTW, I have no idea how this YouTube clip ends up being an hour long, nor did I try to figure it out. The music I’m talking about is the first twenty seconds or so…)

As we’re almost at the end of 2017, what instrument is playing your personal theme music? And what sort of music is it playing?

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