Fading Of The Lights

This is the weekend that the Christmas lights come down, so tonight’s the last chance to see them. As has been true for the last couple of years, it means that this might be the last night of the last big Christmas light display for us in quite a while.

In the end, we were able to put up about 65% to 70% of our “peak” displays of past years.

For example, the birch tree with the two strings of white stars in them would normally have those plus at least two or three strings of plain white lights and white icicle lights.

The bushes below the white stars would normally have at least one more set of lights and the big berry tree to the left of the white stars would have at least a couple of strings up high in the branches.

But in the years we did those displays I was also either working far fewer hours or, for a couple of years, not working at all. In many of those years I also wasn’t in my current position at the CAF SoCal Wing, which is almost another full-time job. Priorities, man – this adulting thing can really suck.

This view usually has a nice image of Orion rising above the house, but the clouds tonight ruined that.

We we can see at the top center (red & green stripes) is a trans-Pacific jet of some sort climbing out of LAX.

We joke that there’s a danger of one of the jets coming into Burbank (we’re right under one of the main approach corridors) mistaking us for the airport.

Tonight’s threat was more of an Earthbound sort.

As I was taking these final pictures, standing right next to the street, I heard something on the sidewalk behind me. Nails or claws clicking on the concrete as something trotted along.

Fortunately, I froze instead of abruptly turning around.

One of the neighborhood skunks, about the size of a Maine coon cat (i.e., pretty good sized), was not more than four or five feet away, oblivious to my presence. I wanted to keep it that way, so I stayed “vewwy, vewwy quiet.”

Our bold-as-brass visitor turned into the neighbor’s yard and disappeared underneath their fence gate into their back yard. About then the neighbors drove up and started to pull their trash cans up from the curb to put them into the back yard. I quickly suggested they might want to leave them out in the front until morning.

With that, we bid a fond adieu to the 2017 Christmas lights. Who knows what Thanksgiving weekend 2018 holds?

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