Do We Know How To Party Or What?

Well, not “us” exactly, not in the “us = this household” sense. In that definition, no, we don’t know how to party. We’re dull as two-day old dishwater. But if you mean our neighbors here in the West San Fernando Valley, well then, party on!

At least, one of “us.”

Because of some major sporting event today, the grocery store was as crowded as I’ve seen it outside of maybe Thanksgiving morning. So I had some time while waiting in line to observe my fellow citizens.

Next to us in the “15 items or less” aisle was a couple. Not exactly dressed for church on a Sunday morning, but who am I to judge? It wasn’t their choice of attire that caught my attention however. It was what they had in their shopping cart.

  1. A four-pack of bargain toilet paper.
  2. A half-gallon of the expensive, name brand drinking water.
  3. One cucumber

I’m not one to be jumping to conclusions or looking down on my fellow man, particularly on a Sunday morning in the checkout aisle. But I do give my brain free rein to wonder about the universe around me, and I had to wonder about those facts.

What set of circumstances leads a couple, not just one of them or the other, but a couple together to get dressed and come to the big grocery store, not the convenience market or 7-11, to get those three items?

If you’re going for the premium drinking water, why the bargain toilet paper? Or vice versa.

And the one cucumber?

The mind boggles.


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3 responses to “Do We Know How To Party Or What?

  1. johwee

    Did I ever tell you about the lady at target who came through my lane with about a dozen loaves of bread, jars and jars of peanut butter and jelly… and one pack of thumb tacks.

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  2. Possible scenario for me buying those three items on a Sunday morning.
    1) We finished the cucumber this morning and starting tomorrow without cucumber for the guinea pigs would see me in serious trouble
    2) One of the guinea pigs has bladder stones from too much calcium in his diet, we have hard water on tap, the expensive water is low in calcium/high in potassium. So it’s the best bottled water for him.
    3) You can never have too much toilet paper. It doesn’t go off, and that price… who’d miss it?
    The only thing is, to have those three, and not a bar of chocolate for me, is highly unlikely.

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