Pro Tip – February 03rd

After a very long, somewhat brutal in spots, 12-hour day at the hangar (this is the “relaxing” day after the long week(s) at work), do not drink that truly fine Ace Hard Pineapple Cider if you intend to get any more work done after your 21:00 dinner.

This is not to say that the adult beverage was a bad choice. Not at all. One could successfully argue quite the opposite.

But if there were a deadline tomorrow (and I’m not saying there is), best you be getting a six-pack of that Ace Hard Pineapple Cider and giving it as a peace offering to whoever’s expecting that deadline to be met.


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2 responses to “Pro Tip – February 03rd

  1. lol Sounds like a drink worth finding. I don’t think they export it here, though!

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