Let’s Dance

There’s a tequila ad out there that I’ve seen but not paid much attention to until tonight.

Remote country road bar, end of the world arriving. Armageddon. Fire falling from the skies, tornadoes, most everyone running around panicking.

Except for our protagonists, apparently eyeing each other and figuring that there’s (literally) no time like the present. So while everyone else runs around looking for a way to escape the inescapable and to hide from that which can not be hidden from, they decide to have a shot of tequila and dance while the world end.

I like it.

The world truly doesn’t care. In the big picture, we’re a glorified fungus on a dust mote around an average star. Probably a statistical improbability just waiting for extinction.

So when the moment comes, if the universe doesn’t care, then you have to. If you’re going to go, go dancing.

Except that I don’t know what brand of tequila, so from a strictly Madison Avenue standpoint, the ad’s a failure. But maybe next time I see it I’ll pay attention and remember, so it might not be a total failure. Yet.


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One response to “Let’s Dance

  1. Let me know what brand it is so I can raise a glass to you 🙂

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