Every – Single – Time

It was just a teeny, tiny election. Just our district, one state assembly seat, seven or eight candidates. I’ll bet that turnout was less than 10%.

You’re damn right I voted. I’ve voted in 90% of the elections since I turned eighteen – it will be 100% from here on out unless I’m in the ICU or off-planet.

Scratch that – if I’m off-planet I’ll vote absentee.

I don’t care if the only thing we’re voting for is assistant vice dog catcher. Not voting in little elections “because it doesn’t matter” leads to millions of folks not voting in the national elections and then we end up with the current batshit crazy orange turd in the White House and the spineless, soulless, brainless Congress who are so busy taking Russian and NRA campaign money that they’ve completely forgotten about the Constitution they took an oath to defend, assuming they ever read it or understood it to begin with.

I’m sorry – you say you would like me to stop being so coy and beating around the bush?


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3 responses to “Every – Single – Time

  1. … or 51% of the 40% who turned out saying we should leave a well-organised economic and social union where we have more influence than in any other known forum, and earn far more from it than we pay in.

    Well said, anyway.

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