This Is Not A Drill

People, pay attention, this is not a freakin’ drill!

Results are in for last night’s local election. Today’s results show that 24,853 citizens bothered to go vote – out of 272,717 registered voters. That’s 9.11%. Not even double digits.

Yet we still did better than the special election a couple districts over in the 39th, where a similar special election drew only 6.45% of the voters.

Maybe we deserve the shit we’re getting out of Washington. Maybe we don’t deserve democracy. Maybe we’re just too freakin’ lazy and stupid.

So let’s talk about something upbeat instead, okay?

When we humans destroy the planet’s ecosystem to the point where we can no longer sustain all of the infrastructure and agriculture and transportation necessary to actually feed everyone and civilization collapses leaving only scattered pockets of post-apocalypse humans just waiting for their turn to die a miserable, horrible death, which species do you think will evolve to take over from us? Bonus question – will they be smart enough to see what we did and avoid that fate?

Not helping, huh?

Let me know when someone can show evidence that I’m wrong.


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2 responses to “This Is Not A Drill

  1. berich56

    The planet will be mostly water, so I go for the Orcas in charge, with the Dolphins as second in command.

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