Moving Out & Moving On – May 28th

One day to go. Escrow closes tomorrow.

I was such a fool.

I thought two or three loads with the van today and I would be done – plenty of time for a BBQ tonight.

It’s 22:30, I’m wrapping up my 7th load for the day, and there are two more to go after this.

Twelve-ish hours to go.

Death will not release me.


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2 responses to “Moving Out & Moving On – May 28th

  1. And by now it’s done. Well done. It sounded horrendous. You can look back on a job well done. Now to start unpacking lol

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    • Actually… Ended up leaving the last two loads for this morning. Had everything ready to go inside the garage so it’s going fast, but I’m in “extra time” so to speak

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