Moving Out & Moving On – May 29th

One day to go. Escrow closes tomorrow.

Wait… that was yesterday, wasn’t it? Well, yes and no.

The Memorial Day holiday seems to be delaying things a day. But the buyer has wire transferred the funds, I’ve filled out all of the paperwork at my end, and most importantly, we’re out of the old house.

I was expecting it to be far more emotional. Instead, exhaustion has made its presence known.

Last night I was at the old house until almost 1:00 AM. This morning I made two trips early to get the last load of stuff and two loads of trash out.

But it’s done.

Escrow closes tomorrow.

Then the major unpacking job starts.

This is why I only move every thirty years or so. (I’m hoping that the next move, in 2048 or so, will be done by robots controlled by my brain waves.)

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