Moving Out & Moving On – May 30th

Escrow closed today. Maybe. I think.

Mixed signals at best. I was still getting emails with documents to sign way after closing was supposed to happen, and I never did get any confirmation. On the other hand, there’s a wire transfer for about the right amount (-ish) in my checking account, so that’s good, right?

It would help a lot if tomorrow the bank website showed a zero balance on some mortgage accounts.

I also continue to be viscous – nay, may I even say ruthless beyond recognition in continuing to throw things out. The presence of a huge trash bin out in front of the new house helps the decisions. Giving a lot of side eye to some office furniture that has seen better days – it doesn’t take a lot of doubt to find myself trying to lift things over the side of this huge bin.

Madness, I tell you.

Sleep deprivation. Adrenaline. Exhaustion. Diet Coke and Extra Strength Excedrin.

Ask for it all by name.

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