Life = Hope (And Vice Versa)

So many of you (by which I mean “NONE of you“) have asked about my plucky little houseplant. Remember, the one that I thought I had finally killed after all of these years, only to see it with the tiniest bit of new growth as I was getting ready to throw it out before the move last month?

The plucky little houseplant – well, first of all, it needs a name if I’m going to keep writing about it and posting pictures. Given its current condition and history, I’m going to go with “Lazarus” – Lazarus is doing okay these days. I’m sure it’s a long way from being completely out of the woods, and one hungry rabbit could put it out of my misery in a heartbeat.

But what was one sliver of new growth last month is now seven or eight!

Further updates and news bulletins as they’re warranted. Standby!

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