Trick Question

It’s been suggested that I might need to make a slight alteration to my diet in order to make sure that I’m getting sufficient iron intake. Okay, I did some research, it makes sense. So what do I eat to increase my iron intake?

Let me summarize:

Image: from some really gross website talking about how liver is some sort of “superfood”

I could eat about 8 oz of liver every day. Apparently it’s chock FULL of iron.


Image: Amazon

I could eat two bags of this every day.

This must be some sort of sick and twisted trick question. I don’t get it.

To be healthier, would I like to eat liver every day or eat two bags of dark chocolate every day?

There’s got to be a catch, but for the life of me I can’t see it. The percentages of the daily recommended dose of iron add up just the same.


If you need me, I’ll be over here elevating my iron levels (and probably my blood glucose levels) into the stratosphere.


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6 responses to “Trick Question

  1. Ronnie

    Are you going to share—not the liver, the dark chocolate

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  2. Liver, along with all entrails, is a disgusting option. Coming from the south, fried liver was a staple in my home – of which I would never partake. I say go for the chocolate EVERY TIME! I mean, how is that even a question??

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