Lazarus Update – July 19th

A quick update on my plucky little plant that I’ve tried so hard to kill:

When last we saw our little guy it had about a half dozen stems starting to shoot out of the one remaining trunk, with a leaf starting to appear at the end of the first stem. Now we see that timing is everything in life – shortly after starting to stick out their leaves, our new stems ran into that week when it was 115° and hotter every day.

To say the least, that’s gonna leaf a mark! You can see that almost all of the more tender sections of the emerging leafs have been roasted black and withered.

I’ve moved the plant deeper into the shade under the awning and hope that I’m not doing more harm than good.

Updates to follow as warranted.

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One response to “Lazarus Update – July 19th

  1. It would probably welcome some water and maybe a feed if you have any. If you don’t have houseplant food, give it tea leaves or coffee grounds (cool & damp) spread over the surface.
    Come on, little plant! You can do it!

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