Front Yard Star Party

Front Yard Star Parties – They’re Not Just For The Weekend Any More!

Even though it was Tuesday, I had the scope out tonight. The Long-Suffering Wife had been talking about our previous views of the moon and Jupiter last week and had invited over a few friends to take a gander – and to show off the new house as well. (It was a two-fer!)

It’s a little later in the month so the moon is still low in the east at sundown, so setting up the scope by the house or in the back yard wasn’t going to work. But down by the end of the driveway we could peek over the house and see the moon between the trees.

Even before sundown, even with the sky not yet dark at all, the moon was gorgeous.

Even with just a quickie photo using my iPhone held up to the eyepiece.

Our friends that showed up enjoyed the viewing quite a bit – hard to say if it was the adults or the kids who liked it more. Once it got dark the moon was fantastic to look at, Jupiter clearly was showing a few prominent cloud bands and all four Galilean moons were strung out in a line and clearly visible. But the show stealer was that “little star” right next to the moon – turns out that was Saturn, rings visible clearly.

The the neighbor family with the three dogs wandered by – EVERYBODY had a good time and got an eyeful!

There’s nothing like hearing the oohs and aahs of people looking through a telescope and seeing Jupiter or Saturn or sunrise on the rim of Grimaldi for the first time!

We’re gonna call this one a big success, despite a few high clouds, that tree that tried to keep getting in the way, the 90° and humidity even an hour after sunset, and all of the bugs.


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  1. Ronnie

    Big thumbs up dear

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