New House Critter Census

Some we’ve seen, some we’ve just seen signs of…

Rabbits? Check! Some nights you can spook or or two on the lawn if you go out late, some nights you can spook five or six.

Raccoons? Check! Haven’t seen any in our yard or heard them on the roof (we don’t have that super secret hidey hole that they loved like the old house did) but we did see two of them about the size of full-sized beagle or poodle, just trotting down the sidewalk at sunset one night.

Gophers? Check! Haven’t seen them, but their holes are in the yard and I keep filling them in and they keep getting dug back out.

Skunks? Check! There was a dead one in the middle of the road earlier this week… (You fill in the rest of the lyrics!)

Something (probably one or several of the above) has been digging. First I saw a good-sized hole in the back yard (size 10 included for scale):

Then there was something digging in the front garden:

…and here we’ll find little footprints sometimes that make me think it’s raccoons.

Birds? Yeah, we have the usual sparrows and crows and hummingbirds and hawks and now this oriole.

Bats? Check! Not quite the crowd that we had (for whatever reason) at the old house, but there are bats.

I love it!

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One response to “New House Critter Census

  1. I don’t think anyone but I would buy a house on the basis of the sorts of birds it has, but you sound like you’ve got the neighbours you were hoping for!

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