Post-Eclipse Full Moon Rising

Earlier today there was a spectacular lunar eclipse, the longest one of the century. In North America, we saw none of it because it happened in the middle of the afternoon from our viewpoint, which means we were on the sunny side of the the planet, not the moony side.

We’ve seen our share of lunar eclipses over the years – I’ve got pictures here and here. But not today.

Yet when the full moon came up an hour or so ago, it was still a deep shade of orange and red. WHAT DARK SORCERY IS THIS??!!

Similar look and effect, different cause. The eclipse makes the moon look red and orange and dark because it’s passing into the shadow of the Earth. Los Angeles and Southern California saw the moon look red and orange and dark because we’re seeing it through clouds of smoke from some large brush fires off to the east.

I found my tripod, so the pictures are better. Some of the “blobs” on these images aren’t lunar, but leaves and branches as the moon rises and we’re looking through the trees from our back yard.

It most certainly is a pretty sight. This evening during dinner one of the big hawks came and perched out in the open on one of these branches. I decided to sit and eat dinner instead of jumping up and grabbing the camera. This may or may not indicate “progress.”

As the moon got up a bit the extent of the smoke and haze became apparent. We haven’t seen the mountains in a couple of days, but given what the folks in the fire zones are dealing with all over the state, we’re good.

I hope you got to see the eclipse if you’re on the other side of the planet and the skies were clear!


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2 responses to “Post-Eclipse Full Moon Rising

  1. I took a video of the eclipsed moon here. Well, it’s behind the clouds and lightning flashes 🙂

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