Wings Over Camarillo This Weekend

So last night I got sort of unexpectedly dark and pissy about missing Worldcon this year (AGAIN!!!) and while I feel fully justified in being pissed off about that, the reason we’re missing it is not without a bit of upside.

I’ve written and shown lots of pictures about previous yearsWings Over Camarillo airshow – it’s a nice, mid-sized show with lots of neat stuff to see, including all of the CAF SoCal planes we can get into the air. (For those of you who might just be joining me here, in addition to my day job I’m in my fifth (?) year as the Finance Officer of the CAF SoCal Wing.)

So if you’re in the greater Southern California area this weekend and you’re looking for something to do, swing on by! Aside from all of the other things there are to do at the show, when you swing by the CAF hangers (we’re at the far western end of the part of the ramp that’s open to visitors, four huge hangers and all the warbirds you can eat) and say hello. Ask just about anyone in a CAF shirt where I am and they can track me down. I’ll be running around like a lunatic all weekend doing Finance Officer shit, but there’s always time to say hello, both for old friends who might come out to the show and for new friends who I just haven’t met yet.

Oh, yeah, there might be pictures this weekend. Plane pictures.

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