Like Pearls On A String

Today was Day Two of the Wings Over Camarillo airshow – I was really busy and it’s been a really long weekend.

I’m not going to post pictures of the airplanes today. (I shot mostly video today when I was able to get out at all.)

But when I was leaving there was the most wonderful spectacle across the southern sky. I wish I could have gotten some really excellent pictures of it – but I couldn’t, I had only my cell phone and it doesn’t do particularly well in low light.

But I’ll give you what I got.

Almost due south, the first quarter moon was high. To the east, Mars was bright and red, with Saturn shining between the two.

To the right of that, Jupiter was high bright with Venus setting toward the horizon.

Like pearls on a string, follow the line from Venus to Jupiter to the moon to Saturn to Mars. There’s your ecliptic, the plane in which the planets all revolve around the sun.


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