On The Spectrum

In the “infinite universes” theory of reality, a different timeline is created with every quantum interaction of every particle in the universe from the beginning of time to the end. Given that there are an unbelievably huge number of particles in the universe and quantum interactions are happening every nanosecond to most of them and there’s a whole lot of time between the Big Bang and the Heat Death of the Universe, that’s a LOT of possible universes.

This means that there could be literally ANY possible alternative universes out there besides the one we see as “reality.” There’s one where an almost identical me is typing this blog while Sigourney Weaver is nibbling on my ear and begging me to come to bed, while there’s also one where an almost identical me is typing this blog on the dying battery of a cell phone in the burnt out, radioactive rubble of Los Angeles just hours after a nuclear holocaust.

The problem is figuring out where we are on that infinite spectrum between those two extremes.

Some days it feels like we’re leaning a bit more toward radioactive rubble.

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