Bringing In The Mycelium Second String

While I realize that just about absolutely no one on the entire planet gives two shakes about the mushrooms in my yard, it has also occurred to me that it’s my website and I can post any stupid crap I want…

You’ve seen that the new front yard occasionally sprouts mushrooms (here, here, here, here, and here) but it’s been a losing battle against the gardeners’ lawn mowers. The lawn gets mowed on Thursday, so popping up on Monday gives you a three-day lifespan, while popping up on Saturday only gives you five days.

The lawn was mowed today (it really IS Thursday, right?) but when I got home and was taking out the trash I found these guys:

Not clear if these guys started coming up just after the lawn movers passed, or if they started coming up yesterday or early today and were just too short to get lopped off by the spinning blades o’ death!

It’s possible that the big puffballs I’ve seen before are actually the same type/species/family as this guy and I just never noticed one this small – but it looks different. Maybe the mycelium has send in the second string!

This guy on the other hand looks like a distinctly different breed than the big white puffballs. It’s also small enough to have not get lopped, but it looks like it’s a different shape, different stem, different coloration.

I’m most certainly no expert at all on the subject of mushrooms, but I have learned that the mycelium can be a massively huge organism that underlies that suburban putting green that covers the ground in front of the house. What I wonder about now is if it’s made up of different types and species of mushrooms or is it supposed to be monospecific? (I’m astonished that “monospecific” is an actual word, and even more amazingly, it means exactly what I wanted it to mean when I thought I was making it up! Mrs. Henry would be so proud!)

Again, I’m sure no one gives a rat’s patootie – but as Kevin MacNamara said about me way back in high school, I’m “easily amused.”



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2 responses to “Bringing In The Mycelium Second String

  1. You know I’m always interested in your fungi… okay, maybe not any lurking about your body or your walls.
    The new ones look like they could be a boletus species. Many of these are edible, some delicious, but some could make you sick, so get them checked out before you try frying them for breakfast. 🙂

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    • Your interest (and exclusions) are noted and appreciated! As for edibility, I’m not agog over mushrooms to begin with (I’ll eat them, but can pass if all things are equal) so I won’t be taking any chances. My yard is a mushroom sanctuary – based on fear and ignorance!


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