I figured that being on a restricted diet for a few days and then doing a day and a half of fasting wouldn’t be that big of a deal. There were other aspects of this particular ordeal that I remember as being worse. (And I’m sure they will be.)

But I must say that the “no big deal” facets of the experience are more of a big deal than I remember or expected. I think part of it has to do with the psychological aspects of being denied something, of being told “no” in a sense that seems unfair, which has never been something I dealt with particularly well.

What I notice is how the routine has been upset and my subconscious is constantly trying to get it back on track. No breakfast? It’s amazing how often I’ve found myself wandering into the kitchen and then not sure why I was going there until I have that, “Oh, yeah, THAT – sorry, no” moment.

I also didn’t realize how many snack type foods I kept at my desk. But then I keep catching myself reaching for them without thinking about it.

No Diet Coke? My caffeine substrate of choice is off-limits? Now THAT‘s a freaking crime!

But worse of all, although not strictly part of the fasting, is the prohibition for days against any aspirin or ibuprofen. Let me tell you, I would merrily kill right now for a couple of Extra Strength Excedrin washed down with a cold Diet Coke.

Instead I can have water.

I might be cranky today.

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