Anti-Soul Crushing Sunset Pictures

Someone who I follow on Twitter because they attended a recent NASA Social (and I’ve found that most people who attend NASA Socials are pretty decent human beings) tweeted today: “I need something inspiring to happen. Today has been soul crushing in countless ways.”

My response was: “I know the feeling. ISS pass in your area tonight? Colorful sunset? Thunderstorm you can watch from a safe place? Look at the new pictures from Hayabusa 2 rovers? Look for Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars after sunset if it’s clear?”

Just in case they weren’t able to get any of those things or any acceptable substitutes (and without having a clue if they read this site) or just for any of you who might have had similar thoughts today, here’s the fair-to-middlin’ sunset we had tonight.

One of the problems I’ve found with the “new” house (jeez louise, we’re coming up on five months here!!) is all of the power lines and telephone poles directly to the west which show up in my sunset pictures.

Today I decided to wander down the hill a few houses (I need to get out more – five freakin’ months!) and found that a few houses down on the other side of the street there’s a much better, less obstructed view.

On the other hand, looking back to the north from there (the tall trees (Spartan Junipers maybe?) on the far right are next to our driveway) where it was darker and pinker and purple-er there was a jungle of silhouetted wires, which I found curiously compelling as an image.

As for Hyabusa 2…

For those of you with your souls being crushed tonight by those who no longer have a soul – I believe you. I see you. I will listen to you. I want to help.

For those of you still intact – join me.

For those of you who no longer have a soul – my Catholic school teachers wanted to impress me with the concept of redemption. I’m pretty sure that it was total bullshit, but I’m open minded still to having you prove me wrong.

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One response to “Anti-Soul Crushing Sunset Pictures

  1. We had a beautiful sunset last night, but I was driving, and later discovered I’d left my iPad in my locker anyway… At least I hope it’s in my locker; I’ll find out in about an hour’s time.

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