We have rarely, if ever, traveled during the holidays. Part of it was being home with the kids and all, part of it was the horrors of, well, travel during the holidays.

This year is different. An opportunity came up, the kids have all long since moved out, and hell, why not?


Yes, well, about that…

We were supposed to be getting to the airport about now, flying to Seattle, but the airline sent an email telling us that the flight was delayed by at least three hours. Which would mean that we would miss our connection and end up sleeping on the floor in Oakland waiting for a connecting flight in the morning. Not my idea of a good time.

After over a half-hour on hold we’ve gotten switched to another set of flights that will get us into Seattle about 1:30 AM. Also not my idea of a good time, but better than the alternative.

I plan on having a good time on this trip, but between the flu earlier in the week and this start to the trip, I’m wondering if the gods have other plans.

I hate it when I have to fight with the gods to have a good time!

Oh, well. It will be an adventure. Where’s my adventure hat?

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