We Made It To Seattle!

Following along on the holiday adventure?

The change in planes last night (when our original flight got delayed by over three hours – never did check to see when or if it ever made it or just got canceled entirely) unfortunately left us in the “late C” group instead of the “early B” group in boarding. (Southwest Airlines, obviously.) So it was sitting separately and middle seats all the way, and getting in at 2:30 instead of 1:20AM.

Then it was time to wake up the counter guy at Hertz (literally, and we’re not talking about a bit of voice clearing, we’re talking about finally slapping the desktop loud enough to be like a firecracker), find our way to the hotel, and then finally to bed around 3:30AM.

The highlight of the evening for me was Sage, Isiah, Nicholas, Jonathan, and Bubba. When we got to Oakland I kept an eyeball on them as they bounced off the walls while waiting for our connecting plane. And listened to their parents/guardians bark, and holler, and scold, and threaten them.

I’m not one to judge the parenting skills of others (what a crock, I am SO MUCH totally judging!) but if I hear Sage’s mom count, “One! Two!! Three!!!” one more time… Sage never once even came close to obeying or paying attention. She could have counted to Aleph-Null and back again and Sage would still be off doing whatever it was he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

Then there were Isiah and Bubba. They sat directly behind me and one or the other of them was kicking my seat constantly. Accompanied by their adult male person who said some version of “STOP THAT!” through clenched teeth about as often as Sage’s mom was proving she could make it to three.

Best was when we landed and Bubba wouldn’t wake up. (Remember, it was 2:30 in the morning after a two-hour flight.) “Dad” started threatening to just leave him behind on the plane if he didn’t stand up and get ready to deplane.

Not a nominee for “Father of the Year.”

And what’s up with all of the freakin’ dogs on planes? You would have thought we were on our way to the Westminster Dog Show for all of the tiny (and very much not so tiny) beasties getting on planes.

But that was all just the spice that made the experience interesting.

Today was quiet, a good day to rest up and get a nice dinner. Tomorrow we’ve got some football.


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One response to “We Made It To Seattle!

  1. I was astonished at the small dogs who travelled on internal flights in the States. I don’t think it happens here, although it may have caught on.
    My car journey to and from Hampshire was, thankfully, uneventful, apart from my satnav refusing to talk me through the most intricate of the complex junctions. The guinea pigs behaved impeccably throughout.
    Merry Christmas and/or seasons greetings to you and your family! Have a great time.


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