No Context For You – January 06th

In case it hasn’t been obvious for the last three-plus years, the “No Context For You” posts often are the result of days where I’ve been running around for about fourteen hours straight without time to catch my breath, let alone sit down and let my brain generate something creative, at which point I suddenly notice that it’s well after 23:30.

You know, days like today. Well, that added to being anal and neurotic about trying to post something every day.

It’s a hell of a combination.

Be careful out there this week, campers! The first full work week after the holidays can be grim to begin with. With the extraordinary chaos in the US at the moment, plus the gathering storm clouds in many of our personal lives, we could be in for a bumpy ride.

Take care of each other – when the shit hits the fan (and it’s going to) we’re all we’ve got. There might not be any cavalry coming of the hill to rescue us.

We’re not alone, no matter how much it might appear that way to any of us at any given moment. Ask for help. Give help to others. We’ll get through this.

We have no idea how strong we can be until we have to be that strong. We might be having a lesson on that particular subject coming over the horizon.

Ready or not…

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