Headphone Quest – Jan 15th Update

A while back I asked the group mind for suggestions about headphones and/or earbuds for when I’m running or just rambling around the office.

I got a number of good suggestions, most of which I haven’t had an opportunity to implement yet. I’m working on it.

One thing I have done was to buy a few pairs of wired earbuds to try, figuring that if I found something great I could follow up by buying a couple of pairs so that I would have spares for when I lose or destroy them.

My search criteria was simple – look at the pictures on Amazon and try to find some that had similar over-the-ear form factors to the ones I really, really, really liked but can’t get any more.

These guys – remember? GREAT running earbuds – no longer made.

So I went out and got these:

These green things are from a company called “Mucro” – never heard of them, but the shape was right. The fit is better than on the generic “NOT-over-the-ear” designs, but not real comfortable. This set has volume and next/back controls on the cord where the others don’t. But that’s not a benefit that offsets the fact that the sound is very tinny and marginal. In fact, the sound sucks.

The orange set is from Philips – it might be made by the “Philips” that’s the huge electronic conglomerate that has a lot of high end stuff, but for something I impulse bought on Amazon I wouldn’t bet my life on it. These are more simple than the green Musco set, lacking the in-line controls that I never use to begin with. But they fit pretty well (although not as über fantastic as the blue Sony set that is my gold standard) and the sound is much better than the Musco (although not as über fantastic as the blue Sony set that is my gold standard).

I suspect the orange set will be fine if I’m out running or exercising and sound quality isn’t critical. If I’m at mile eight of a twelve-mile run, I need distraction and entertainment, not concert-hall quality sound.

I would still love to find a few pair of those old Sonys…

The other thing I would note about both the Mucro and the Phillips – both were $19.90 including tax and shipping from Amazon, so it’s not like I was spending top dollar for premium sound. You buy something cheap, you get something cheap. On the other hand, for some applications, good enough is good enough.

Next step (sometime before the end of 2019 due to my copious free time being even more not-so-copious at the moment) is to go into a store and look at actual headphones (like Beats), wired and wireless, for that really good sound that I would like if I’m just listening at home or in the office. I might have to (and be willing to) spend a few more dollars there.

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