Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Here’s a shot that didn’t suck from tonight:

I’ll have more in the next day or so after I sort through all of the images from tonight, but after a quick scan of the photos from the wide angle camera, this one stood out first. Fully eclipsed moon at lower left, Orion on the right, and Sirius is the bright star at the bottom right just above the tree.

It was beautiful to watch but we had a ton of wind and clouds blowing through periodically. (You can see a band of high clouds in this picture from the lower right to the center, just along the right edge of the big tree, with some more clouds in the lower right.)

But most of the time we were able to see the moon from the first stages of the partial eclipse, through totality, until the first minute or so as the moon started to come out of totality. Then it was solid clouds and after ten minutes or so waiting for any sign of a break, I bailed.

I hope many of you also got a chance to see some or all of the eclipse, it was wonderful. More orange than red to my eye, but it looked through the telephoto camera to have a dark brown or grey cast to the darker sections. We’ll see what the photos say.


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3 responses to “Lunar Eclipse Tonight

  1. Cloudy here, but a bit of a brownish tinge to the cloud.

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  2. Ronnie

    It was a site to see

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